Conversion Optimisation

Understand your traffic and unleash your sales

When you follow a process you achieve your goals

At Business Search we have designed a process which follows a structured path.

Using tried and tested methods we take your business on a conversion journey.

Let’s take a drive!

Getting Started

The start of the process is to identify what to track.
To do this we first need to understand your business;

  • Where you want to improve?
  • What this looks like?
  • What are the objectives of your business?

Then we have to know;

  • Which metrics to use to track each objective?
  • How the data will be visualised?

Funnel the Traffic

By designing traffic funnels we can view what is happening to the traffic;

  • Where visitors drop off or lose interest.
  • Segment visitors into groups to provide insights
  • Create specific filters to further group traffic and make informed choices to improve overall performance

See what traffic pays attention to signals within the website

We help identify what traffic is looking at, how long they spend. Are they concentrating on what you want them to? Or do they wander off and crash!

Our processes use heat maps to identify visitor interaction directly on-screen, we can even watch individual journeys and combine these to get further insights.

We can provide important information on where a visitor gets to on a form and identify bottlenecks.

All of this helps us identify how we can improve conversions and ultimately your boittom line.

Planning and Managing Results

There is no point in having data if it is not meaningful! The data we collect is designed to allow us to efficiently plan the next stages of optimisation.

  • We record visitors interactions, observing trends
  • We build winning hypotheses
    • Define the problem
    • Suggest a solution
    • Estimate the impact
    • Test the impact
    • Implement the winner

We then manage and prioritise our hypotheses looking at how confident we are that after testing we will receive the results, how important it is to the overall outcome. How difficult it will be to implement the changes.


We use a variety of test methods depending on what we are trying to achieve.

A/B split tests where we look to see which variant will work better when used by traffic.

Split tests where we send traffic to different URLs to which performs better.

Multivariate tests

We test the hypothesis using multiple variables, the idea being to determine which combinations of variations perform the best.

The time taken to aggregate data to produce a statistically significant winner will vary depending on the amount of traffic to a website.

The Winner

Once we have the statistics we are able to confidently say which test improved lift and achieved the goal. We can then implement this on the site or other media before moving on to the next test.

The cycle then starts again and continues until you are happy your business has achieved all of the targets it set out to.

How we operate

In strictest confidence, we never discuss our clients with others.
Every client is different, their requirements their expectations.
We are honest and respect client confidentiality.

These four case studies highlight the different solutions we provide and how in real-world scenarios we implement them.

Let’s Work Together

We really do want to hear from you, we love challenges and exceeding expectations.

So to manage our expectation and yours initially, let’s start by saying “we are not the cheapest” If we were we could not do our job correctly.

We did say we’d be honest! We want clients who want to succeed and are open to questions, who are willing to work with us to achieve their success. If you think this is you then yes we want to talk with you

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