Online Shop Turn-a-round Case Study



Client C ran an online shop and had done for the past 5 years. It was a sideline to the main business and had never really made good profits. They did use other marketplaces like eBay to help online sales.

They had been trying a few different techniques but found they were jumping from one idea to another in the hope that something would work.

They had approached other companies whose answer was to rebuild the website and do lots of SEO and blast social media.

The doctor was called for – self diagnosis had not worked

 Rome was not built in a day. It does sometimes take time to achieve what you want


As with everything we first asked a series of questions, we needed to understand the expectations of the client and put their mind at rest.

We took a look at the analytics over the past months and compared those with traffic from the same period in previous years. We looked at a number of factors and points of data to start to build a picture of the business.

We contacted current and past clients to understand what made them use the business and why in most cases they only ever used it once.

We were in doing this building a profile of the business. Of its customers and finding lots of issues which we would be able to address to turn the profits around.

We identified new channels that the company had never explored and put together a clearly defined strategy with actions and test points to ensure we stayed focused.

We had determined the website had only been renewed 2 years ago and was using a shopping package available off the shelf which had lots of support and a lot of plugins that we would be able to utilise to enhance the site. It was decided that rebuilding would be foolish as we did not know what was stopping customers from using the site. Once more we set up a series of A/B tests and recorded the results of these over the next 6 months to slowly bring around conversions. We saw a month by month lift in conversions of 22% over the 6 month period.

With the other areas, we concentrated on we were able to turn the online shop around with further wins from YouTube, Facebook and other marketing avenues.

A successful lift!


We started this project approximately 18 months ago

We offer a really simple solution, no contracts just a terms of business. Clients purchase hours in blocks, they can then be used for any activity we offer.
A client can leave whenever they want with no notice period required.

A strong tried and test process which delivers

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