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Client A had been spending money on AdWords but had not been getting any traffic, with no traffic they had no idea of how the website was performing. They decided to optimise the website themselves for search engine purposes to try and increase their rankings.

They had been carrying these activities out for 8 months with AdWords and 5 months SEO.

The SEO was not actually costing them money just time but the AdWords bill ran into the thousands. They believed it would work as others were having success from it.

No, we are not saying the client was an ape – we just liked the picture

This is a common problem and one which is easily corrected.


As with everything we first asked a series of questions, we needed to understand the expectations of the client and put their mind at rest.

We use a client control centre kindly provided by Google that allows us to control an account but not own it. This is a big point, it is your account, not ours, we are only caretakers for the period you engage with us.

We joined the AdWords account to our platform and also gained access to their website and analytics.

We then set about the task of getting some immediate wins for the client. We always like to do this!

Our instant win, in this case, was the changing of certain keyword types and filtering out negative words. Within three hours we had reduced the monthly (wasted) forecast spend by £540.00. Our next stage was to ask the questions, who are the clients? what time of day are they likely to be looking? etc. etc. With this done we were then able to start formulating a plan to not only add new campaigns with the required keywords but also to understand how we would test them.

All of these actions were carried out within the first month at a cost of £600.00 so it had really only cost the client £60 as we had already saved them that.

With the new campaigns, test and monitoring in place the following month we set about running everything. Each day we looked at the spend to make sure it was within the expected limits and monitored clicks to the site. We spent about 1 hour a day in the second-month testing adjusting and making sure we were on the right track. Our forecast spend was still £175 below where it had been previously, the big difference was the change in traffic to the client’s website. Having started to get traffic we had also been watching what the traffic had been doing and making minor changes through A/B testing to achieve conversions. By approximately the 20th of the following month, we got our first major win. A contact that turned to a job valued at around £6000 with a 30% margin. During that second month, the client won another contract for the value of around £4000 again with a 30% margin. So with our savings from the forecast spend and the sales the client had £2095 they had not had before. Taking away our fees over the month of £1320 they had a profit of £775.

We carried on over the next 3 months slowly reducing the amount of time we needed to spend on each campaign and slowly devoting that time to more conversion analysis and other activities to help increase the profitability of the client.

We did go on to help correct the problems with the SEO, as the client had not been penalised there were no immediate actions that needed to be taken. The main focus had to be on understanding the traffic and the searches through AdWords. We were then able to put in place a structured SEO campaign based on evidence and not what we thought was best.

This is the house the client bought with all the extra money they earned.
Okay, maybe not but the point is they did have more profit than they had before.

This project started just under a year ago – the client is still with us.

We offer a really simple solution, no contracts just a terms of business. Clients purchase hours in blocks, they can then be used for any activity we offer.
A client can leave whenever they want with no notice period required.

Does this strike any chords with you?

If it does we’d love to talk to you and see how we can help you.

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