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What will the effect be on our bottom line if we increase traffic by 10%?

  • We had 3100 visitors in a month with a 1.5% conversion rate.
  • We increase our visitors by 10% to 3410
  • We maintain the same conversion rate of 1.5%

What increase has this had on our bottom line?

  • We now have 51 customers up from 46 an increase of 5
  • We now make sales of £7650
  • With a clear profit of £2677.50 an increase of £262.50

What will the effect be if we keep the traffic the same and increase our conversions by 1%?

  • We had 3100 visitors and keep the save level of traffic
  • We had a 1.5% conversion rate which we increase by 1% to 2.5%

Now, what is the increase in our bottom line?

  • We now have 68 customers that’s an increase of 22
  • Sales go up to £10,200
  • Clear profit increases from £2415 to £3570 that’s an extra £1155

Which as a business would you prefer?

It is not all about traffic, that is important, it is about the right traffic and managing conversions

What would happen if we got both an increase in conversions and an increase in quality traffic?

Simple you make even more money but just how much?


  • Increase traffic by 10% to 3410
  • Increase conversions by 1% to 2.5%
  • Increase in sales from 46 to 75 that’s a whopping 29 new sales that’s a percentage increase of 63.04%
  • £11,250 in sales
  • £3973.50 profit
  • An increase of £1558.50

Does that sound like something you may want to look into?

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