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Conversion Rate Optimisation (CRO)

Search Engine Optimisation (SEO)

Does it actually work? – yes read on please…


Optimising conversions will lead to a boost in your bottom line.

To get conversions, you need traffic to your website and not just any traffic; it has to be targeted! – So what do we mean by targeted?

When you pick up the phone to get new business how do you do it?
When you design a leaflet to advertise your services how do you do it?

With each of these, you will probably have picked the contact to call or the industry to aim the leaflet at. You won’t just take a stab in the dark! You will know what you want to say and the message you want to get across.

When you do this you are targeting, either a specific company or a group of companies, why though? Because you know you can provide them with a solution to fit their needs.

Why should your website be any different? By targeting the right traffic you will increase flow to your website. We use a series of techniques to help target traffic to your website. The secret is to follow our plan and it will work.

It is not about getting lots of traffic just for the sake of it, many SEO companies will tell you about getting to the top and show you impressive statistics about the amount of traffic you can get if you are on the top spot. Great! They’re right you will get more traffic.

It is what happens to that traffic when it gets to the website. This is the area that most SEO companies do not care about. We Do

000’s Visitors in one month?

We have a simple saying in our office “So What!”

A conversion rate of 2% now we are talking, there is something we can understand which provides substance to the 000’s of visitors. It is a figure which actually increases your bottom line. It is a figure we work on to improve, keep reading….


A quick example, breaking down the figures putting them into context.

  • Your website gets 3100 visitors a month
  • Your conversion rate is 1.5%
  • You get between 46 and 47 sales per month.
  • Your average sale value is £150
  • Your margin is 35%


To us, the most important figure on there is the margin.
It is this which decides your bottom line.

These figures show that sales are between £6900 to £7050 with a clear profit of £2,415 to £2,467.50

What will the effect be on our bottom line if we increase traffic by 10%?

What will the effect be if we keep the traffic the same and increase our conversions by 1%?

Have a think about it then when you have your answer click the button below so we can compare

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