Social Media Profiles Case Study

Brand is so important



Client A wanted to build a social profile for their business. They had a story to tell and wanted this to placed in front of as many people as possible in the shortest time.

There were a couple of issues standing in the way;

  1.  They had listened to friends all of whom had differing ideas on how to achieve what they wanted
  2. They were highly dyslexic and had difficulty in communicating by the written word.

The client is an extremely intelligent, craft orientated entrepreneur, who will succeed with the dream.

Grey skies looming but we will help eliviate the storm

A disability does not stop anyone doing what they want. We are just happy to be helping.


As with everything we first asked a series of questions, we needed to understand the expectations of the client and put their mind at rest.

We then looked at the actual business and got a great understanding of how this works and how the message could be put across. Brand! the brand image was going to be an important part with this campaign so we identified the why! Of the business and how this permeates to the client base.

We then set about putting together a strategy looking at how each social media platform could be used to help raise the profile. Not all would be of use so we concentrated on those that fitted the niche the business was in.

We carried out a number of interviews with potential clients, not aligning the product with them but more the pain points, what they found difficult and from the answers were able to start to identify a plan of how to use the different platforms and the messages that would help.

The hypotheses we used helped us focus on what was important and identify a series of other items the client will need.

We knew we required some great social profiles, but what we needed was to use the story and build a following. The client took our advice and is currently working on a series of youtube videos to help get her product and message across.

We are carrying tests with groups to get further market insights and using a series of test conditions to build a website step by step. Not for the client but for the clients, clients!

The client is based in the North East of England where we were also able to secure some funding to help with the advancement of the project.

We are on a six to eight-month cycle to complete our work and push the client to the market. We will then work alongside to further enhance the visibility and from this continue to test and optimise to increase profitability


This project started just under three months ago

We offer a really simple solution, no contracts just a terms of business. Clients purchase hours in blocks, they can then be used for any activity we offer.
A client can leave whenever they want with no notice period required.

A strong tried and tested process which delivers

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