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Client D had a website which did not appear to be working for them. It had been built 4 years ago and in that time they said they had very little from it. They had tried to market it but did not have the funds to really promote it.

They had visited three other development companies in the previous month before speaking with us to rebuild their website, all of whom were happy to rebuild to the client’s requirements.

This approach is blinkered and can have major issues.

Man sat in a suit with blinkers depicting a blinkered approach to website design

A blinkered approach

How do you know what to fix if you don’t know the problem?

balsamiq view of web page which requires adjustment

We started with this page


As with everything we first asked a series of questions, we needed to understand the expectations of the client and put their mind at rest.

First, we did not do a complete redesign in one go – why?

We have seen it so many times before, great enthusiasm from the outset with high expectations then bang! The expectations are not met. The realisation sets in for the thousands just spent, someone must be to blame and we know were that blame falls.

Our aim was to ensure that the client’s expectations were realistic and could be met. We set about looking at the old website. When it had been built it had not bee optimised for mobile devices, we knew that would be hurting it from visitor engagement and also within the search results. So rather than re-designing the site, we rebuilt it as it was. We did this as we had no idea of how the old site really performed, there may be some parts which work quite well. The problem was it had never been tested, the data provided by the analytics was not structured. The rebuild went well and only took 15 hours as it was a copy of the old site and just structured slightly differently. We carried out some page redirects so any pages which were in the search engines did not get lost.

Next, we set in place some monitoring that enabled us to ensure we had the correct data being tracked which would provide meaningful results.

We then looked at the traffic currently visiting the website, where was this being generated from, what were visitors actually expecting when they arrived on the site. We put in place some targetted traffic campaigns so we could direct visitors directly to the pages we wanted them to visit

We put in place some A/B tests from questions we needed answers to. These produced some insightful results which allowed us to start making small changes to the site over a period of time.

Within the first month of rebuilding the website, targetting traffic and making some minor changes we had a 300% increase. This was great, we had started to make a difference. We saw month by month growth in site traffic, but more importantly in conversions.

We wanted to further enhance the customer experience so put in place an external UK staffed chat window on a free trial for our client.

We had shown the client a way forward, one which allowed them to see results and make use of a marketing tool that so many just leave on the back burner.

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view of website in balsamiq after changes have been made

We made small changes over a period, some we kept some we did not and changed the page to this. Everytime it needs updating we run a series of tests first

This project started just under a year ago – the client is still with us.

We offer a really simple solution, no contracts just a terms of business. Clients purchase hours in blocks, they can then be used for any activity we offer.
A client can leave whenever they want with no notice period required.

Need a site rebuilt the correct way

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